About Us

Who We Are

Claymore Inc. has been serving the learning needs of corporate and government clients in North America and overseas since 1989. We specialize in the custom development of job specific competency based training.

Our Service is competency based and cost effective training solutions. Our focus is improving workplace performance. Services include, training needs analyses, plant start up training, training materials production, development of job aids and workplace performance support, trainer training, etc.

Our Products support and complement our services; they include:

  • Our QuizBase™ and SkilSure™ software brands provide solutions to track, manage and report on employee competency, certification, courses taken, etc.
  • Courses for training technical writers to document industrial processes;
  • Guidelines and templates for competency based training materials production.
  • Our competency management system; a powerful relational database that links learning to competency, and enables assessment and tracking of competency.
  • Our Personnel include experienced instructional designers, database and courseware programmers, web developers, illustrators, animators, media specialists, technical writers, project managers, and subject matter experts.

What We Do

Claymore produces customized, job specific, competency-based training. Our specialty is training for new technology, both information technology and manufacturing technology. We are accustomed to developing training materials for technology solutions that are still under development.

Claymore develops job-specific competencies. With a database of more than 500 competency profiles across a wide variety of sectors we can offer an efficient starting point for the development of any set of job specific competencies. Appropriately structured competencies with a process for their objective assessment area critical part of getting a good ROI from a competency based initiative. We develop assessment criteria for all the competency profiles that we provide.

Claymore has many years' experience developing learning solutions for plant start-ups.

How We Do It

Claymore is flexible and responsive. We conceive and implement integrated learning solutions that are a custom fit to our client's needs.

Front-End Analysis

A necessary first step is the systematic analysis of clients' circumstances to determine "best" approach. The analysis typically includes:

  • business objectives and rationale
  • information technology considerations
  • principles and strategies for learning
  • cost/benefit considerations
Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Our personnel include:

  • instructional designers
  • writers
  • media developers
  • database and web programmers
  • systems analysts
  • business consultants
  • master trainers
  • subject matter experts
Project Management Expertise

Our project managers are experienced in the conception and implementation of integrated learning solutions. They are skilled in managing complex systems and content development projects against tight timelines and bringing them in on time and on budget.