e-Learning provides a medium for delivering uniform learning materials to your employees in a self-paced environment that allows the training program to be completed anytime and anywhere. Employees geographically dispersed can access the very latest information by simply logging on. By putting the onus on your employees to learn you will create a "strive-to-learn" culture.

e-Learning accommodates different learning styles. Courses are delivered in a modular format, allowing learners freedom to revisit information as they wish. The learning experience is enhanced by the addition of multimedia. Participants are engaged by interacting with the e-Learning tool through the use of audio, video and animation. Ensuring information is current and correct has always been a challenge. When workbooks or CD-ROMs are circulating you cannot be certain that everyone is receiving the very latest version of the learning materials. e-Learning can provide your employees with quick access to master files that are directly within your control.

As an employee progresses, information is delivered based on what they have learned and how they have performed. This focuses training only on requisite skill gaps, saving your company both time and money.

Why Claymore?

Claymore has done this before.

We have run the gauntlet and we know the pitfalls. From bandwidth issues, to identifying users and their needs, to delivering Work-Based Training (WBT) to more than 3000 people nationwide, we have been there and made it happen.

We can help you make it happen.