Who We Are

Claymore Inc. has been serving the training needs of corporate and government clients in North America and overseas since 1989. We specialize in the custom development of job-specific competency-based training.

Our service is competency-based and cost-effective training solutions. Our focus is improving workplace performance. Services include, training needs analyses, plant start-up training, training materials production, development of job aids and workplace performance support, trainer training, and much more.

Claymore is flexible and responsive. We conceive and implement integrated learning solutions that are a custom fit to our client's needs.


What We Do

Claymore produces customized, job-specific, competency-based training. Our specialty is training for new technology, both information technology and manufacturing technology. We are accustomed to developing training materials for technology solutions that are still under development.

Claymore develops job-specific competencies. With a database of more than 500 competency profiles across a wide variety of sectors we can offer an efficient starting point for the development of any set of job-specific competencies. Appropriately-structured competencies with a process for their objective assessment are a critical part of getting a good ROI from a competency-based initiative. We develop assessment criteria for all the competency profiles that we provide.



e-Learning provides a medium for delivering uniform learning materials to your employees in a self-paced environment that allows learning to be completed anytime and anywhere.

Employees geographically dispersed can access the very latest information by simply logging on. By putting the onus on your employees to learn you will create a "strive-to-learn" culture.

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Claymore's needs analysis is the first step to your customized learning solution. The end product is a comprehensive Needs Analysis Report that:

  • recommends delivery options for your learning
  • identifies your learning goals and requirements
  • evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of existing learning materials
  • provides a task matrix based on jobs and competencies.
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